What Drives You?


I spent my afternoon at the movies catching a flick I’ve been meaning to watch for the last couple of weeks. If you’ve heard of of the film Spotlight, you’ve probably heard good things. Based on true events involving the Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team of investigative journalists, the film recounts the story surrounding their Pulitzer Prize award-winning investigation on child abuse in the Catholic Church, taking place in Boston.

Among the team of journalists is Sacha Pfeiffer, a strong-willed, gutsy woman who stands beside her fellow colleagues as strong and as determined as they are in uncovering the truth behind these awful crimes. I left the film feeling empowered, mesmerized and wanting to achieve the same level of passion for my own career as Sasha has achieved in hers. Being a strong woman in the field you are most driven by can do a world of good to a world in need.

This drives me. But, what drives YOU? Find the people, books, stories, songs, anything, that gives you purpose and makes you feel like you, too, can contribute. Then go ahead, and DO.

The world needs it.