Allow me to Introduce Myself…


My name is Hope and I am 1/2 of the DIVAProject! I’ve finally reached THE point where I am no longer ashamed or scared to share my identity — YAY! I want to start summarizing/critiquing/sharing different articles that I am currently reading on Domestic Violence and more specifically Intimate Partner Violence.

My goal is to go back to school for clinical psychology, so I’ve been doing lots of reading to solidify my confidence in my decision to pursue graduate studies. I feel our blog is the perfect platform to share, debate and discuss research relating to such an important issue.

I will be posting the reading that I will be discussing in advance, so you have the opportunity to read it before hand.

The reading that I will be breaking down in my next post is: Maren E. Hyde-Nolan, PhD and Tracy Juliao, Phd Chapter #2 of Family Violence (Edited by Rose Fife, Sarina Schrager), titled Theoretical Basis for Family Violence.


Many thanks for all of your support!

xo Hope ox


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