Stop Making Excuses…



I came across this gem on Instagram a couple of days ago. I like it because it brings humor to a very serious issue. I find all too often  women, much more than men, make excuses for the way their significant other acts. And this very issue is at the heart of an abusive relationship. Bottom line is that nobody, man or woman, should ever verbally, coercively, sexually, emotionally or physically abuse you. There is NO excuse for people who are abusive. These are some of the excuses I made for my ex boyfriend:

  • “He’s really tired, I should have had dinner ready on time.”
  • “He just had a serious concussion, he’s still recovering.”
  • “He just got fired from his job, it’s only natural for him to take it out on me.”
  • “He’s working way harder than I am, I shouldn’t have brought up that issue that was bothering me.”
  • “It’s selfish of me to go out with my friends when he can’t because he’s so busy.”


These are only a few examples of the excuses I made for my ex. I made these kind of excuses every day. What are some of the excuses you previously made for you ex? If you are currently in an abusive relationship, are you able to recognize the excuses you are making for your partner and what are they?

Happy Tuesday


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2 thoughts on “Stop Making Excuses…

  1. Mine tried to “helpfully” offer me that excuse himself! I kept trying to tell him there was no excuse for treating anyone bad, and every time he’d be like “but my dissertation is stressing me out!” Eventually, on the night before I left him, I asked him again what had made him treat me this way for almost 3 years. Still the dissertation… according to him. I stopped accepting the excuse. I also made up the excuse plenty of times that “he’s from [foreign land I will not name], their culture is very different, they’re not raised to think of women the same.” Lame!

    • So lame! haha. My ex did that too, our relationship lasted about 2 and a half years. The only thing they were helpful with is showing us how emotionally incompetent they are! It’s hard to not make excuses for someone you love, especially when they are so believable! Thanks for commenting!


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