A Note To Myself…

A Note To Myself

I came across this in my phone. It was a note to myself I had written eight months before I left my ex. Wow. I am now realizing just how clear it was to me that something was off in my relationship even before things got wayyy out of hand….I am so happy I have this. I am also happy I am able to share this with all of you without fear..

Once this has sunk in a bit I will be doing a follow-up post.

Stay Tuned & Happy Blogging


xo Hope ox


2 thoughts on “A Note To Myself…

  1. I know. It was really intense. I was shocked, I still am a bit which is why I have not followed up yet. Thank you so much. I am happy I am in a better place. However, I will be happy when I am 100% healed. I am SO ready for that step–but it’s not ready for me yet.

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