Get Lost

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” – Henry David Thoreau

My relationship ended and I found myself considerably lost, confused and inundated with way too many important life decisions for one broken-hearted person to handle. I’ve had to re-evaluate absolutely everything from my career path, my likes and dislikes and, my future goals, just to name a few.  Which road do I take? How do I get there? Will I regret my choices? Will that decision make me happy in the long run?  As overwhelming as this place can be, I realize I needed to get here in order to understand and appreciate myself thoroughly as a unique individual with a unique destiny.

Today happened to be one of those dreaded “lost” days.  However, something changed today; I learned to finally embrace the overwhelmingly blank canvas. Truly, I am wholly blessed with the freedom to follow my life’s destiny and allow my dreams to materialize. Nothing and nobody is holding me back. My life is no longer in someone else’s control; I create the life I want.

Through the clouds, the decisions, the void and pain, I begin to see who I REALLY am and it’s kind of amazing. It’s almost as though a pure self-love has been brewing in the shadows.

Thoreau was right:)


Chris xo.


2 thoughts on “Get Lost

  1. Overwhelming…yes, that word fits perfectly for me, too. There are so many possibilities and just how am I supposed to know which will make me happiest? Sometimes I pull back and do nothing about the opportunities presented not because they aren’t “good” opportunities, just that there are so many!

    I lived with a man who said I was a mother and a housewife. He said I should be happy to have kids to tend, a roof over my head, and food to eat. That’s it. That’s all HE said I needed to be happy. Now, rather unsure STILL of what I need to be happy, I wonder if what I’m going for is really what I want…and if it’s not, was all that effort in vain?

    So long as I do something, pick something today to do and then do it, I can take a baby step in one direction or another. And tomorrow, if I don’t like the results, I can take a baby step back and try something else. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that I get to try again tomorrow. My “lost” days are the ones I lose when avoiding taking that baby step.

    • Thanks for your reply, Kellie. I see we’re able to relate on this particular state of confusion. I, too, am dealing with many life changing decisions and the countless paths I can take make the process that much more, again, overwhelming. Which choice is the one that will make me happiest? That’s an accurate assessment of what crosses my mind on most days. I’m taking your approach in giving every opportunity a shot. If anything, I see that I’m learning significantly more about myself throughout the process. My ex-bf caged my mind and I was left thinking that my options were few, opportunities I should have seized in the past were no longer options for me and that life consisted of maintaining his happiness. Thus, I came out of the relationship completely disoriented and totally confused. However, I’m now embracing this “lost” period, because I realize that my happiness IS a priority, options are boundless and there are no limits, despite what anyone says.

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