Arguing with an Idiot

Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

This famous one-liner got me to laugh a bit and apply to my current situation. I need to learn to stop questioning why my ex is acting a certain way, and how he is going on with his life as if nothing happend. He is a PRO at what he does and until (if ever) S@#T hits the fan, he’s going to to continue living a lie.

The more I question “who” “what” “why” my ex is (or isn’t), I am not only dragging myself down to his level; I am still giving him the power to control how I feel about myself and the world as a whole.

The MAIN difference between him and I ( “main” because there are SO many differences) is the fact that he is a fraud living a lie. I am ME and I live my life honestly, the way ONLY way I’m supposed to live my life; true to myself.


xo Hope ox


2 thoughts on “Arguing with an Idiot

  1. Very good quote! Feels like I’m having a conversation with a 2-year old when I have to speak with my ex, my “superman” 😦

  2. It’s SO hard. Are you referring to your ex as “superman” because that’s what you thought he was until things turned sour and you realized you were in an abusive relationship? If so, that’s exactly how I felt about my ex; “The Love Of My Life”. Things turn ugly so quickly it’s like a kick in the stomach. Did you leave your ex recently?

    Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience, it really means alot. 🙂
    xo Hope ox

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