Day #2: Characteristics of Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is subtle. The victim’s self-esteem gradually diminishes, usually without her realizing it. She may consciously or unconsciously try to change her behavior so as not to upset the abuser.

Verbal abuse is unpredictable. In fact, unpredictability is one of the most significant characteristics of verbal abuse. The partner is stunned, shocked, and thrown off balance by her partner’s sarcasm, angry jab, put-down, or hurtful comment.

Verbal abuse is not a side issue. It is the issue in the relationship. When a couple is having an argument about a real issue, the issue can be resolved. In a verbally abusive relationship, there is no specific conflict. The issue is the abuse, and this issue is not resolved. Therefore there is no closure.

Verbal abuse expresses a double message. There is incongruence between the way the abuser speaks and his real feelings. For example, he may sound very sincere and honest while he is telling his partner what is wrong with her.

Verbal abuse usually escalates, increasing in intensity, frequency, and variety. The verbal abuse may begin with put-downs disguised as jokes. Later other forms might surface. Sometimes the verbal abuse may escalate into physical abuse, starting with “accidental” shoves, pushes, and bumps.


2 thoughts on “Day #2: Characteristics of Verbal Abuse

  1. Congratulations Diva – I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! You are my sis and I love reading what you write, you inspire us all! You are sharing what needs to be said with the world! Congratulations beautiful!

  2. Wow. We are speechless. Thank you so very much for the nomination. We are so grateful for your support. Please keep spreading the message of The Anonymous DIVA. Your blog posts are so inspiring as well. The things you write about and share evoke so many emotions and really make one think about themselves and their current situation. Thank you, thank you. We’re truly touched by your kind words and your nomination.

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