What Drives You?


I spent my afternoon at the movies catching a flick I’ve been meaning to watch for the last couple of weeks. If you’ve heard of of the film Spotlight, you’ve probably heard good things. Based on true events involving the Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team of investigative journalists, the film recounts the story surrounding their Pulitzer Prize award-winning investigation on child abuse in the Catholic Church, taking place in Boston.

Among the team of journalists is Sacha Pfeiffer, a strong-willed, gutsy woman who stands beside her fellow colleagues as strong and as determined as they are in uncovering the truth behind these awful crimes. I left the film feeling empowered, mesmerized and wanting to achieve the same level of passion for my own career as Sasha has achieved in hers. Being a strong woman in the field you are most driven by can do a world of good to a world in need.

This drives me. But, what drives YOU? Find the people, books, stories, songs, anything, that gives you purpose and makes you feel like you, too, can contribute. Then go ahead, and DO.

The world needs it.



Warm Lemon Water

h a p p i l y h o p e i n g

I’ve been starting my morning with warm lemon water and let me tell YOU what a difference it makes! It flushes out my system REAL quick! 💩 💩💩

I like to follow it up with a veggie juice to soak up all the nutrients. And then I’ll have my tea and oatmeal.

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Don’t be careful

“Don’t be careful. You could hurt yourself.” – Byron Katie

Challenges, risks, open hearts and fearlessness work in your favor. Don’t shy away from taking a leap of faith, even if it scares you. If you do take the plunge, you will never regret a day in your life.

Here’s to making life count.

~ DIVA ~
Christina xo.

IT’S NOT FAIR!….but it’s ok.

I sometimes contemplate the concept of fairness. Is it fair that good people suffer?

In that vein, I occasionally think about my abusive ex-boyfriend with regards to the concept of fairness. After all the put-downs, the aggression and downright disrespect, he continues to go through life as though nothing happened, void of any remorse or a sense of wrong-doing (or so it seems).

It’s not fair; not in the slightest. It’s not right that the rest of his friends and family think he’s an emotionally healthy and good-natured man. He got away with it scot-free. It’s not fair that I have to reconcile with this, knowing that I will NEVER get the apology I seek.

These situations aren’t fair, but that doesn’t make them less purposeful to those that suffer the consequences. What I have gained from this is a level of strength that I wouldn’t have otherwise, had he not treated me the way he did.

Fairness and lack thereof can be a difficult pill to swallow. However, bear in mind that life is doing this FOR you and not TO you. The difficulties you face will only hone your character, strengthening your abilities to deal with life’s greater challenges.

Let them go and live your life. Fairness, much like sadness and happiness, comes in waves and is never constant. You will be fine and those ex-abusers just helped you, in the most unlikely of ways, become a stronger and better you.

~ DIVA ~
Christina xo.

Verbal Abuse Journals

A couple months ago I was honored to have been asked by Kellie Jo Holly to become a mentor for Verbalabusejournals.com. Kellie has a survivor-mentor program in which survivors have an online mentor-mentee relationship with those who are in, or have left, abusive relationships.

I’ve been a mentor now since May 1st and it has been truly rewarding. One of the things I’ve found the most striking is how similar abusive relationships are. The individual who I am mentoring had a completely different relationship and experienced different kinds of abuse than I did. However, there are SEVERAL similarities between the two relationships an the nature of the abuse.

It’s been an amazing experience and has been yet another step in my healing process. If you, or anybody you know, would benefit from having a mentor PLEASE contact myself at hope.divaproject@gmail.com or contact Kellie Jo Holly at verbalabusejournals.com .



Xo Hope oX